Visualization Meditation

Sit comfortably on the floor, if you need to grab a blanket or block please do so now. Feel it supporting your body, your body rooted into the floor equally through both sits bones. Engage your pelvis and draw up through your spine. Roll your shoulders back and down, opening your chest and heart. Lengthen through your neck, extending the vertical line of your spine through the back of your neck and out the top of your head. Tuck your chin slightly in. Relax your jaw, allowing for space between your teeth.

Start to bring awareness to your breath. Begin deepening your inhale and exhale, filling up your lungs, allowing your lower abdomen to expand on the inhale, nourishing every cell of your body and then exhaling, drawing your navel towards your spine, letting go. Let your attention fall to your inner body, noticing any tension in the shoulders, discomfort in your stomach, or even your heart beating. If there anything that you are holding onto this morning- any stress about a paper, excitement about going home, or anxiety about a relationship- breathe it out on an exhale. Allow your self to be supported by the earth and let any physical or emotional tension melt into the floor. Relax the space between your eyebrows and start to bring awareness to your.  Let yourself be in the present, here and now. Bring your focus inward and connect with the subtle energy of the inner body

Your physical body is a reflection of your energetic body,

Now we are going to bring awareness to each of the chakras, which are responsible for bringing in good energy and for disposing of unwanted energy.  By being aware of their presence we can connect more deeply with our selves, and can sense our divinity and connection to the universe.  The chakras become imbalanced and misaligned in response to emotional stress from traumatic experiences, often ones that occurred so early life that we do not have conscious memories of them. We develop particular holding patterns of the chakras to make us feel safe, however our individuated holding patterns create energetic blockages that can manifest themselves in the physical body as pain and disease. As we go through to activate and engage each of the chakras you may find that some are easier or harder to connect with, or that some feel more or less opened or closed. Simply take mental note of this without judgment or expectation. (This meditation will focus on opening the second or sacral chakra known in Sanskrit as svadhisthana and will facilitate self-healing of unresolved emotions related to sexual expression and the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure. )

Start by bringing awareness to the root chakra, which is situated at the base of the spine between the coccyx and the pelvic bone or the anus and the genitals. Imagine that at your root chakra is a red vortex, radiating red light down into the floor, through the layers of the earth and feel yourself connected to the core of the earth- grounded and stable. As the red light returns from the core let it fill your entire being. Let it wash through the energetic column that runs parallel to your spine and radiate outwards into your egg shaped aura. Your root chakra represents the earth element, and reflects our sense of rootedness, safety and security. It is the aspect of ourselves that is related to our primal needs and physical survival. It can become imbalanced in response to trauma related to family issues and home environment.

Now let your awareness rise to the sacral chakra located just below the navel. Imagine an orange spiral of energy washing through your body from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. As your body is filled with orange light, allow it to flow out of your being, through your pores and into the space around you. The sacral chakra is associated with reproduction, sexual and emotional expression and creative energy .It represents the water element encourages us to enjoy the ebb and flow of life.

From your navel, allow for the energy to travel upwards to the solar plexus, situated at the midline above the stomach. Imagine the solar plexus as a vibrant, luminescent jewel, a warm sun radiating yellow light from the center of your body.  Allow the yellow light of the third chakra to penetrate your entire body and let it emanate into the space around you. Your solar plexus represents the fire element, which reflects the physiological function of digestion and metabolism, as well as the digestion of thoughts. Psychologically it is the center of personal power and it is from the solar plexus that we form opinions and make decisions.

From the center of your body, allow the subtle energy to continue to travel upwards to the heart chakra located at the center of the chest on the sternum. Imagine an emerald green beam of light radiating outward into the room from the front and the back of your heart. Allow the green light to fill every cell of your body, penetrating outwards into the space around you. The heart chakra serves as abridge between the physical and spiritual realms. It represents the ability to love the self and express love towards others. An open heart chakra allows for healthy and nurturing relationships and represents the air element.

From the heart feel your internal energy moving upwards to the throat chakra. Imagine a blue spiral of energy at the center of the throat and allow it to permeate the essence of your being.  Let it wash through your energetic spinal column and flow into the space around you. When well developed the throat chakra allows us to speak our truth with courage and listen to others without judgment.  It represents the ether element, which is responsible for the transmission of subtle vibrations. The vitality of this chakra is influenced by the intention of the words we use.  Using our voices to hurt others and express bitterness causes energetic blockages in the throat chakra. Let this blue light expand out into your auric energy field.

From the center of the throat feel this subtle energy move upwards to the sixth chakra which falls just above the space between the eyes. Visualize a purple beam of light and let it expand to all parts of the body, shining outwards from the front and the back of the head. The brow or third eye chakra corresponds to our ability to perceive and our potential for self-realization.  It represents the light element, facilitating clear vision, intuition and wisdom.

Now from the center of the brows, allow the energy to flow upwards and expand into space through the top of the head. Here lies a thousand-petal lotus flower, a manifestation of the integration of our whole being- our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves. Imagine a white light passing through and uniting all of the seven chakras, creating a harmonious and purified feeling throughout the entire body as it travels upward through the physical and energetic body, through the top of your head, through the ceiling and into the sky.  The crown chakra represents our access to the divine and spiritual realms and our universal consciousness.

Now imagine the white petals of the 7th chakra, infused with gold and violet sparkles slowly drifting down from the crown of your head like a feather floating down. Let it purify your body and integrate the divine energy with your inner flow of light. As the petals touch the ground, slowly relax your body, pushing your weight back onto your arms and allowing your spine to roll onto the floor, coming into shivasana. Bring your legs apart, about the width of the mat, and extend your arms out wide, allowing space between your armpits and arms. Inhale deeply, and release with an audible exhale. Let your body melt into the floor, letting go of every muscle and bone. Let go of any thoughts, letting your body just exist in rest for a few minutes.



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